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Poetry, Literature, Theatre, Art, Music, languages and Sciences are essential pillars in fostering liberated, bright and happy children. At Colegio Estilo, Language, Mathematics, the Natural Sciences, History and Geography are taught in a creative and profound way. It is the children themselves who craft their own books and notebooks. The students paint on easels, work with clay, fabrics, watercolors and all kinds of materials. Classical music often accompanies them as they work and create. In general, students have five classes a week of English, three of physical education, two of Art, and one each of music, chess, theatre, creative maths and art history. In 5th and 6th grades children are introduced to French as a third language, as well as History of Religions. 

Following the philosophy of the Free Institute of Teaching (ILE), children produce their own books and notebooks. The creativity and personality of each individual permeate their wonderful works of art. 

All the staff at Colegio Estilo teach their students with dedication, skill, love, patience, ingenuity and passion. There is a strong bond of trust, respect and admiration between students and teachers.

The academic level at Colegio Estilo is very high. The students inherit a true passion for learning, and study and progress with motivation and curiosity.