Colegio Estilo's History 1

Colegio Estilo’s History

Madrid’s Colegio Estilo was founded by Josefina Aldecoa in October 1959. Born of the need for a free, modern, and pro-European school, it welcomed, right from the outset,  children of intellectuals, writers, artists and all those who wanted a different, creative, intellectual and secular education.  

Since that first day of school few concepts have changed at Colegio Estilo. Much of the classwork is carried out without text books and it is the children themselves who decorate their workbooks, following the model laid out by the ILE (Free Institution of Teaching). Art is still a core subject from the age of three and there is individual monitoring and follow-up of each student:

The school is just as it was the day it was founded, both in the type of parents who choose a liberal education for their children, as in its origin, in people who love culture and who believe that this kind of education is still necessary“. Josefina Aldecoa.